Screws for industrial centrifuges and decanters

PRAZI-PARTS produces stainless steel screws ideal for the production of oil and in particular for the handling, transport and processing of olives inside oil mills. Screws for oil mills are built to design according to the needs of your plant, with a completely custom-made production.

Send us your drawing to and we will provide you with a quote, with no obligation.

The range of PRAZI-PARTS products dedicated to oil mills and presses includes:

  • custom-made stainless steel screws for centrifuges, decanters and presses;
  • screw conveyors for oil and olive reception tanks;
  • rotors for oil decanters;
  • spirals and rotating components for olive presses and oil mills;
  • screw conveyors for handling olives.

Each screw conveyor produced for an oil mill is made entirely of stainless steel, suitable and safe for food contact.

In the following photos you can see some examples of custom-made screw conveyors for olives for our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information → 


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