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Thanks to the experience gained in the production of original equipment components for the major manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world, PRAZI-PARTS is specialized in the production of spirals, augers and rotors for the agricultural and environmental sector.

PRAZI-PARTS is part of Prazi Group, an international reality composed of 6 companies located in Europe and specialized in different sectors.

The key to the success of PRAZI-PARTS is to be part of an international reality while maintaining all the advantages of family management, which has remained intact for generations, strong of long experience and collaboration with thousands of customers on as many projects, even for metal components made to measure.

Recently PRAZI-PARTS has started the production of flat spirals directly in Italy to respond in a timely manner to the needs of local companies.

Prazi Group

PRAZI-PARTS is part of the Prazi Group, a company in continuous expansion, present today with 6 plants in Europe and more than 700 employees.

Prazi Group
  • PRÄZI-FLACHSTAHL AG (1904 ) - Parent company - Germany
    Precision flat steel, ground steels for precision equipment, high speed tool steel, hardened slide bars, special size steels, special products.  www.praeziflachstahl.de

  • UNIEMETAAL B.V. (1946) - Affiliate - Netherlands
    Complete wear parts such as longitudinal plates, front plates, punches and cover plates such as prism moulds, bottom ploughshares and spindles www.uniemetaal.nl

  • PRÄZI-HUNGARIA Kft. (1948) - Affiliate - Hungary
    Screw conveyors and rotating components for harvesters and agricultural machinery.  www.praezihungaria.Hu

  • PRÄZI-Fördertechnik GMBH(1982)- Affiliate - Germany
    Screw systems for all fields of application, turbulators, and feeding screws for burners. www.praezi-foerdertechnik.de

  • PRECIZ, s.r.o. (1995)- Affiliate - Czech Republic
    High precision flat parts for the mechanical industry and finely ground steel according to DIN 59350. www.preciz.cz

  • PRAZI-PARTS Srl (2015) - Affiliate - Italy
    Products for the transport of granular, powdery and viscous material and rotating components for the agricultural machinery industry.  www.prazi-parts.it

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