Components for biogas plants

The metallic augers and coils produced by PRAZI-PARTS are used in biogas plants.

In particular, PRÄZI-FÖRDERTECHNIK GMBH, a Prazi Group company, specialises in design and installation of technologies for biogas plants. Specifically, it has developed two systems that can be used depending on the size of the plant: a mixer for the screw system for small and medium plants and a screw system with mobile bottom for medium and large plants.

The main PRAZI metal components for the Biogas systems are:

  • Feeding auger
  • Inclined auger
  • Compression screw

If you own a plant for the production of Biogas with a conveyor system, or if you want to build a new Biogas plant, contact us [link] to know all the benefits provided and request a free quote.

For further details please visit the dedicated page of PRÄZI-FÖRDERTECHNIK GMBH

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