News of 11-03-2020

Prazi-Parts conscious of the emergency works as indicated in this list:

  • Since no quarantine has been implemented, Prazi Parts is naturally adopting all countermeasures recommended by the World Health Organization, as well as observing National and Regional Government rules and recommendations.
  • Our Headquarters, Business Units, Plants and Branch Offices all over Europe and in Italy, areworking regularly without interruptions caused by material or workforce unavailability.
  • There are no limitations or restrictions on material shipments from any city, region or country. Because the WHO, has determined that COVID19 do not survive for long time on packaging or other surfaces.
  • We have been promoting and organizing Smart Work for those jobs not mandatorily requiring presence at the office.
  • As far as jobs that require mandatory physical presence (e.g. workshop blue collars) are concerned, we actually have no limitation or restriction in having people at work (whilst, of course, taking into considerations any applicable guidance, rules and recommendations).
  • In agreement with our government’s recommendations, we have restricted business travelling and meetings to those strictly essential and irrevocable, to protect the health of our and other’s employees.
  • The Italian Government decrees, dated March 8th and 9th 2020, although somehow changing our lifestyle and our social habits, but not the normal flow of the goods is it not effected by the law. As things stand, we are certain that all measures adopted by our Company will allow business to be carried out regularly.

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